December 14, 2009

Reliance netconnect usage - GUI version

Follow up from previous post here.
At present, checking the bandwidth usage statistics for Reliance netconnect is clunky and laborious. In the previous post, I published a python script that I use to get the usage. To me, it seemed unnecessary to use a GUI for this. However, judging by the number of downloads, a lot of people have the need for this. And on windows, these people are not finding it as easy to install python and run the script from a terminal.
So responding to the demand, here is a GUI version. Remember to input the phone number with 0 (zero) as the first digit. The phone number and billing date are stored for subsequent uses. This was compiled and tested on windows XP.
For users with python and wxpython installed, you can download the script here and run it for the gui.
Any comments are welcome.

Compiled with PyInstaller
Icons from here.