April 29, 2008

A first look at Kubuntu KDE4

While I have tried out KDE in the past, Gnome has always been my everyday working environment. Kubuntu Hardy KDE4 version was an opportunity to test if KDE4 was going to change that.
I installed Kubuntu KDE4 on my Thinkpad. KDE4 does look nice with a Mac like feel. But it felt sometimes like there is too much accent on looks. This is the default desktop with a couple of widgets.

Dolphin looks much better than konqueror as the file browser.

One application that really grabbed my attention was Okular. It looked really nice and was very functional too. The ability to use a highlighter in PDF documents was something I have been looking for. This is one application I might want to install in my Gnome environment too.

At the end of the day, KDE4 still failed to impress. It still looks far too incomplete and is definitely not going to replace Gnome on my desktop in the near future.