October 4, 2008

Eepee - the electrophysiologist's tool

04 Oct 2008
Eepee is my attempt to make a tool for cardiologists to analyze ECG and Electrophysiology tracings.

The study of these tracings requires one to make various measurements and compare them. While this is available along with the acquisition software in the lab, review of these tracings for teaching or learning is usually done with printed / scanned tracings without an easy way to dynamically measure things. The usual approach is to use project a series of these tracings on powerpoint, while any measurements have to be made on a paper copy with hand-held calipers.

Eepee is an attempt to smoothly provide all this functionality with digital images. At its current state (version 0.9), the user can load any digital image, calibrate the x-axis with known measurement in the image and then use digital calipers to make measurements. Notes can also be made for any image. Notes and calibration are automatically stored for each image and are reloaded the next time.

It is still not past version 1.0 meaning that it is beta, but it is getting relatively complete and stable. It works on windows and linux and can be got here. I welcome any suggestions / comments.


Shyam said...

Thanks Raja for this wonderful tool. Do you have something for mac users?

Shyam said...

Thanks for this tool Raja. Do youhave something similar for mac users?

Raja said...

Thanks. You should be able to install this in mac by installing python and all the required libraries. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make a simpler installer because I don't have access to a mac. Will be glad if someone can help with that.