November 8, 2009

How I rooted my HTC phone and put in a new ROM

The HTC Magic brought to India by Airtel came with the "perfect" SPL. However, this was hacked sometime back making it possible (though with some difficulty) to root it. The discovery of the "one-click method" simplified this process significantly though. So after some agonising decision making, I decided to jump in and try to mod my phone. At the end of it all, it seemed almost too easy and the change, with the availability of the Android Market, is well worth it.

This is not a complete guide, just a documentation of some of the specifics as it relates to this phone. Standard disclaimer applies - this could possibly brick your phone, remember you take that risk if you plan to do this !

My phone information
HBOOT-1.33.0010 (SAPP10000)
Jun 2 2009, 17:28:28

Method I chose to root the phone
The on-click method, following this post.
I used FlashRec 1.1.3. I was unable to install with a file manager or by downloading from the phone, I used adb from android-sdk to install.

The alternative to this method would be the more difficult gold card method.

My new ROM
Amon Ra’s Clean Donut. No problems with the ROM so far.

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